Unnamed project

with Weir + Wong for Unnamed Client.
Development, interactive & responsive.

Prototypes for retailer

with Razorfish for Unnamed Client.
Prototypes, development, interactive & responsive.

Eldorado, Live à la Source

for No Mad?.
Print, illustration & music.

Award website

with Razorfish for Unnamed Client.
Development, interactive & responsive.

Keep On Truckin' Records

for Keep On Truckin' Records.
Design, development, responsive & illustration.

Super Sync Sports

with Weir + Wong for Google Creative Lab.
Development, interactive & responsive.

Nike, My Time is Now

with Stinkdigital for Nike.
Development, video & interactive.


for No Mad?.
Print, illustration & music.

Adidas, Schneller Ins Trikot

with Stinkdigital for Adidas.
Development, video & interactive.

Revenge For The Trucks, Live At La Boulangerie

for Revenge For The Trucks.
Print, illustration & music.

Wrangler FW11

with Stinkdigital for Wrangler.
Development, video & interactive.

Oakley, You Vs

with Rehabstudio for Oakley.
Development, video & interactive.

Life In a Day

with Rehabstudio for Youtube.
Development, video & interactive.

Google Adwords 10

with Rehabstudio for Google Adwords.
Development, video & interactive.

Mac Me Over

with The Rumpus Room for Mac.
Development & interactive.

Lexus, Dark Ride

with Stinkdigital for Lexus.
Development, video & interactive.

Inside Your Search, Weetabix

with Stinkdigital for Weetabix.
Development, video & interactive.

The 15 Reasons, Playstation

with Stinkdigital for Playstation.
Development, video, interactive & music.

XFactor, Talktalk

with B-Reel for Talktalk.
Development, video & interactive.

Jasper Conran

with The Other Media for Jasper Conran.
Development & animation.

Rankin Live

with The Digital Club for Rankin.
Development & interactive.

Portland Design

with Stereo Creative for Portland Design.
Development, 3D & animation.

Yoobot, BHF

with Bloc Media for British Heart Foundation.
Development, animation & interactive.

Vegas Gallery

with The Digital Club for Vegas Gallery.

XFactor, Carphone Warehouse

with Unit 9 for Carphone Warehouse.
Development, animation & interactive.

British Airways Media

with Reactive for British Airways Media.
Development & animation.

No Mad ?

for No Mad?.
Print, illustration & music.

Leitmotiv Blastik Pertran

for Leitmotiv Blastik Pertran.
Print, illustration & music.

London Zoo

with A Fish In Sea for London Zoo.

Itineraires Des Perceptions Reelles De Jericho

Development, print, video, music & interactive.

Mofo Hifi

with Les Tanukis for Mofo Hifi.
Print & illustration.

BLANK target

Development, music, print & illustration.


I'm an interactive developer living in London since 2006, coming from a mathematics & low level programming (C++, java, etc.) background.

I've always been interested in graphic design, interactive media & have a good knowledge of design, typography, illustration & animation.

I'm a team player (being lead dev or not) and a good problem solver.

Also I'm always kin on taking long terms contracts, especially when I can be in a more "tech director" like position to help a company to put in place a development workflow and structure.

curriculum vitae

  • I do Object Oriented Programming.

  • I'm using design patterns (including MV*, MVCS & FSM).

  • I do workflow graphs (using Omnigraffle) before and while working on a project, and like good project architecture.

  • I'm fluent in: JavaScript, Actionscript, PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, etc.

  • I don't like to reinvent the wheel so I use: Robotlegs, Starling, PureMVC, Grunt (+plugins), SASS (+Bourbon), LESS, Angular, Backbone, Underscore, JQuery, d3.js, etc.

  • I also do things with: C++, Openframeworks, Cinder, Objective-C, Arduino, CakePHP, etc.

  • I use the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, etc.)

  • I'm self-employed since 2008 (over 9 years).

  • I'm french since forever.

  • I do illustration as well but rarely (never!) for the advertising world.

  • I play music in a rock'n roll band called Revenge For The Trucks and also run the small label: Keep On Truckin' Records.

  • I'm an enthusiastically avid book & graphic novel reader.

Awards (non-exhaustive list)

  • 14 x FWA

  • 4 x Cannes Lions

  • 2 x AWWWARDS

  • 1 x Campaign Big Awards

  • 1 x BIMA

  • 1 x D&AD

  • 1 x Revolution Award

Worked (non-exhaustive lists)


Razorfish, Weir + Wong, Stinkdigital, Rehabstudio, B-Reel, Unit 9, The Digital Club, The Other Media, The Rumpus Room, Bloc Media, Story Worldwide, Greenroom Momentum, Good Technology, Fullsix (Six & co.), Reactive, Stereo Creative, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Les Tanukis, etc.


Google, Google Creative Lab, Nike, Adidas, Wrangler, Youtube, Google Adwords, Samsung, Lexus, Playstation, Oakley, Mac, Cadbury, Nestle, Weetabix, Talktalk, Jasper Conran, Rankin, British Heart Foundation, Vegas Gallery, Carphone Warehouse, British Airways Media, Audi, CBBC, Premier Inn, Daily Telegraph, SNCF, Tourism Ireland, London Zoo, Unnamed Client, etc.


With a bunch of really good people (developers, designers, art director, etc.), we've decided to setup a network of skilled and competent interactive workers.

We can cover everything interactive including art direction, design, brainstorming, prototyping, workflow and development (obviously!), etc. From C++ to JS, mouse to touch, simple screen size to Responsive, etc.

We've already worked together (small or "really" big team) on a number of award winning projects. We know what we do, what we can do and what we're good at.

We're also complementary, so if your in need of a team of nerds or even just a single one, drop me a line.